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This website is constantly updated and upkept to the highest possible standard. It is a pleasure to be able to have a meaningfull online prescence for our average sized Scout group in Blackrock. Also make sure to subscribe to our email update list here.

A little bit about us

We are an Irish scout troop based in Blackrock, Co. Louth, Ireland. We're a member of Scouting Ireland.


We take part in many activities such as: pioneering, hiking, rock climbing, backwoods survival training, sailing, canoeing, first aid and much more.

What is Scouting Ireland

Scouting Ireland is dedicated to the development of life skills for young people. Scouting Ireland aims to nurture the personal development and non-formal education of young people through the Scout Method.


Development is a key area of focus in our group. We strive to help all members improve and hone their unique skills.


Photographs are the legacy you leave for generations to come. This is why we have a dedicated page for our Picture gallery which we expand with every event.


Our group supports all members equally and without discrimination we have a range of members who can each support you in many different ways.


Meetings are of vital importance to any group. They are a key process of planning and organising various events and just meeting up with the members, for this reason we host weekly meetings in the Darver Community Centre every Tuesday from 7-9 p.m

Want to join?

New members are of utmost importance to our group. We rely on new members to bring in new skills and abilities to enhance the overall group experience, so if you want to join please don't hesitate to contact one of our leaders from here

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